Step By Step

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of April 2016

Events of my life
Seemed destined to be
Sitiations present itself
Problems and hardships
Appearing as learning steps.

Imagined the steps
Were set in reversed
Life doesn’t like that
Everything I’ve encountered
I was able to handle
Sometimes with divine interventions.

Lately I am amazed
With how everything turned out
Part of the learning curve
Was never over my head I wasn’t thrown suddenly
Into the deepest ocean
I gradually made my way there.

Imagined skipping
All the little problems
Heading straight to the big ones
I will find myself
In a sitiation I won’t handle
Skipping steps
Leaving me unprepared.

Each step I take
Is a lesson I’ve learnt
Each problems I faced
Is experience gained
Building me stronger
Making me wiser
To face the next sets of challenges
Step by step
Everything happens for a reason
There’s no such thing
As right or wrong steps.


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