Fifteen Year Period

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of April 2016

Fifteen years ago,
If someone would of told me,
I would end up being a writer,
Probably be met,
With a face saying they’re crazy.

Fifteen years ago,
Placing my life in two periods,
The first half of me,
Wouldn’t believe the person,
That I have became,
It’s like having,
Two different people,
Sharing one life,
The person that I was,
The person who I am now.

Certainty, I never planned,
Expected my life to be this way,
Even I couldn’t imagined,
What my life would be,
Circumstances dictated my path,
Set the terms and conditions,
Well, me being me,
Typically, those were ignored.

Imagined, fifteen years from now,
What my life be like,
Looking forward,
Excited to see what happens,
If only I am fortunate,
To live, to see those days,
Whatever happens from now till then,
My life, isn’t the worst to have.

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