Guardian Angels

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 11th of April 2016

Watching over me
Unseen, presence felt
Journey unravels
Intently watching on
Made sure the problems
Weren’t more than I could handle

Interfered when affairs
Became overwhelming
Kept as a secret
Between my Guardian Angels
Lines, boundaries crossed
Fallen tears are too many

Watching over me
As I also looked upwards
Hoping to steal a glance
Of my divine protectors
In my sleep, I’ve dreamt
Heavenly, majestic beings
Faces, I’ve never seen
Always obstructed
Always blurred
Hopefully one day
I’ll be able to look upon
The faces, watching over me

Sometimes my hand
Held tightly in theirs
Leading, directing me
Towards a safer path
All the problems
I’ve ever experienced
Could of been worst
I believed, truly do
Because of my watchers
All my problems were kept
Damaging, only minimal
Kept me safe
From total devastations.


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