Always Myself

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 12th of April 2016

Times of passed confusions
Begun when I betrayed myself
Pretended being someone else
Lying to myself most of all
Buried deeply within the deceptions

Approval I’ve seeked
By those unappreciative people
Undeserving of my loyalty
In my mistrust towards them
From the pain they’ve caused
I had taken it out on everyone else

I realised its unfair
To mistrust everyone around me
Caused by selfish few
All I have to blame is myself
No one else can carry my mistakes
That is my burden to carry alone

When I started lying to myself
Being someone I am not
It was destined to end only one way
Resulted in losing my own path
Being confused with the world
Ended hating everyone in it

I’ve learnt, relearnt, rediscovered
The person that was buried inside
I reintroduced myself to me
Knowing, truly, without pretense
Reawakened, reborn, from the ashes
I came to be, one more time.

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