Happiness Gifted From Sadness

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 12th of April 2016

In the dark of night
There is a  beautiful moon
Surrounded with twinkling stars
How I wonder what you are
Shining across the great sky
Light years separates us

Without the darkness of night
How I wonder what you are
If I didn’t know you existed
Twinkling against the backdrops
Only coming out when its dark
Distances, a trivial matter
Unable to prevent the shining light

Joyful sorrows are deeply felt
Sadness replaced by happiness
Blessings in disguises
Seen in many type of forms
Perceptions, depending on the eyes
Sights through translation
Playing virtue roles
Endings dependant with the mindset

Every moment, a step into the future
Thoughts, feelings and emotions
Companions on the journey
Always have, always will
Changing the course of future events
Happiness, gifted from sadness
Rewards for enduring heartaches
Without one or the other
Impossible in knowing the opposites.


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