Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 12th of April 2016

If the stars were to speak
I wonder what it will say
Beyond the beauty and lights
I wonder what’s on its mind
Wouldn’t it be amazing?
Listening to the stars talk

Could the stars see anything
The way I see the stars at night
Being so far, far away
If only the stars can speak
I’ll be the first one there
Listening to stories it has to share

If the moon were to speak
I wonder what it will say
Undoubtedly being majestic
I wonder what else it has to share
Bearing witness to everything
Since the dawn of time

If things weren’t meant to be
Why then does it occur?
If only I am wiser,
Would there be anything else to learn?
If things were different,
What would that differences be?
Unable to know the differences at all

Many ifs and maybes
What will be, will be
If the universe desires it
Struggle as much as I want
There’s no stopping the motions
Once the wheels starts turning
What shall be, eventually will be.

5 thoughts on “IF

  1. sometimes, wondering on the if’s of life is just, too tiresome, and you end up, giving up on thinking about it, because your brains are already, overloaded, and then, you’d stopped thinking on the if’s of life, and, everything become clear again, and, you’d wonder to yourself: why did i not start doing just that in the first place???


    1. I realised something. Even if things turned out perfectly. There’s always something to change.

      If, looking back to those moments. It can drive a person insane. It help with the boredom sometimes….. Thinking back to the days


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