Simple Things In Life

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 14th of April 2016

Somewhere along the way
I stumbled and fell
I stayed down for the longest time
Couldn’t careless about others
When I couldn’t care about my own

Reasons became distorted
Fantasy and reality being twins
Identical, unable to tell them apart
Funny sometimes, how things are
The more we sometimes try to solve
Bigger the problem it became

Remembering the simple things
Going back to the basics
A time that existed long ago
So naive, so innocent, so silly
A time before reality arrived
What makes the differences
From that time to now?

Responsibilities doesn’t take part
Only behaving in school
Learning, listening to the teachers
Even in that I failed greatly,
Rebellious heart, nothings changed
The biggest problems I had
Were choosing which movies
I wanted to see first

Back to basics, simpler times
Lessons from the animals
Observing these strange creatures
They don’t own cars or even clothes
Or where they sleep tonight,
Or even what food they will eat next
They don’t plan out their day
And when things don’t go right
I never saw an animal,
Pulling out their hair in frustration

We think we are smarter than them
What reasons do we base that on
Because we own fancy things?
Because we built buildings high?
Maybe because we ain’t savages
We own fancy things
We worked so hard for it
Because we want it so much
We became slaves in the process
We didn’t build buildings into the sky
Can’t take the credit
For someone elses work
I really do wonder and ponder
Are we really smarter than animals?

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