Human Beings

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 15th of April 2016

Human beings are bizarre creatures
Unsure of what they want
Wanting what they can’t have
Mostly asking for the impossible
Strange creatures they are

During their childhood years
Instead of enjoying that period
They eagerly anticipated adulthood
When they finally enter adulthood
Things ain’t what they expected
Spending their adulthood years
Wishing to turn back time

Human beings are strange indeed
When they finally received
Things they nagged day and night
Annoying everybody near by
Still not satisfied, wanting more
Unable to make up their minds
Driving everyone around them; insane

Maybe it’s human nature
Perhaps it’s in their blood
Holding them accountable
Even though it is really irrating
They are still very young
Comparing with the universe at large
Patience is a virtue
Though sometimes
They really test the limits.


3 thoughts on “Human Beings

  1. I liked this piece and it is so true about people. I think this piece is good advice for everyone to just live in the moment and embrace the age you are for soon that time will be over and you can not go back. Thanks for sharing!

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