Secrets Of Human Beings

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 15th of April 2016

Gift of hindsight
Makes everything easier
Visions clearer
Without the pressure
In choosing the wrong decisions

Everything needs an explanation
Even things beyond their capacity
Everything needs to be labelled
Creating an illusion for themselves
Believing humans are superior
In order to feel safe and protected

Secrets of the universe is simple
We share one important force; life
Life creates an unbreakable bond
Each living thing, in this universe
Strives on a daily basis, to live
Keep that in mind, next time you see
Putting small differences aside
Live and let live

Aliens, things we don’t understand
Reality is stranger than ficton
Aliens, those sightings we hear about
I believe, they are also human beings
Only at a different evolution stage

We would look exactly like them
If we were at the same stages
Our attention is focused
On the unimportant details
Instead of asking the right questions
We’d rather destroy the things
Afraid, scared of the unknown

Our universe contains
Countless dimensions
Even dimensions have dimensions
Truly endless, tryly mind blowing
Technology only benefit comfort
Advanced technology means nothing

What matters most is within ourselves
Which we neglect the most
Our growth, our progress
Through the evolution of time
Enlightenment is the ultimate goal
Throughout the many stages of life.

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