Struck Down On Bended Knees

Written By Tan Nguyen
Friday 15th of April 2016

The pouring rain
Covers my tears
Chain of events
My own burdens to bare
The struggles are mine alone

Heartaches are matched
Like broken glasses
Shattering into tiny fragments
Same as betrayal
Loyalty a rare characteristic
A trait forgotten in ancient past

Laughable reasons of downfall
Reasons which caused defeat
For only a moment or permanently
Choices are still yours to make
It’s the unexpected events
That causes the most damages of all

Struck down on bended knees
Possibilities opens up
Live, only to survive on the ground
Die, standing straight up
Fighting for what you truly believe in
When faced with this scenario
The decision and actions you’ve made
Will define you forever.

4 thoughts on “Struck Down On Bended Knees

  1. I love the poems, thoughts and pictures on this website as much as the articles on your other website, where you write about philosophy and literature etc. I’m quite sure it’s you, which is why I created my website. I have liked and commented only on this website together with a like on your other website, and did not coquet with anyone by mixing with thousands of people. I wanted the dark and stormy skies in your life to disappear to reveal warm rays of sunshine. I hope you have a lovely day wherever you are.

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