Somebody To Love

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 16th of April 2016

Wandering aimlessly
In search of belonging, acceptance
Understanding our own existence
To know, that somebody out there
Indeed recognised you’re alive

Searching wide and far
High on the mountains
Deep down on the ocean’s floor
Through four seasons of change
Above the sky in Heaven
Below the ground in Hell
Seeking with desperation

Somebody to love, to be loved
Somebody to care, to care about
Somebody to be there
When nights refuses to go away
Keeping days locked up, hidden
Selfishly stealing more time
Unable to step down
From centre stage

Affecting days
Refusing to let it shine
Blocking lights behind the coulds
Hidden by moon’s shadow
Love brightens the world
Hate darkens every single sights
Desperation sinks deeply
Somebody to love
An urgency is always felt.


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