Naive To Dark To Light

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 17th of April 2016

Somewhere along aimlessly
Stumbling upon purposes
Unexpected, yet grateful
Slipping, spiralling downwards
Seemingly fallen to oblivion

Within the darkest of darkness
True discovery for self is found
Abandoned by everyone
Shutting the doors, locking it shut
Exhausted from uselessness
Sick to death of being a spectator
Unable being involved, only watching

Safest, less tiresome
Were to turned my back to the world
Losing my ability to feel
Losing my emotions in the process
Served only me, ignoring all others
Even my family, most important of all

Something suddenly snapped within
Screaming loudly, it’s enough
Time to rejoined the world
Stopped feeling shamed and guilty
Do something about it
Instead of feeling sorry for myself

I jumped head first into the public
Without any cautioned
Delved right in the middle
Unsure what to expect
What mattered was I came back
Into the world I left behind
Thus, began my journey to life

Times of being alone, isolated
Served me well, things I’ve learnt
Knowing my weaknesses and strengths
Enabling me to handle
Anything the world throws at me
Like a forgotten diamond
Laying, covered with dirt
Once tenderness, kindness and love
Cleaning me up, lending their hearts
I shined brightly, for myself
Also, for those that believed in me.

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