World Around Us

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 18th of April 2016

Laughter, a beautiful sound
Rarer these days
Genuine laughter being heard
Hints of sadness
Felt through the laughters

Birds happily chirping away
Not a care in the world
Baby animals bouncing on each other
Playful, energetically chasing
Playful manners, delightful to watch
Lasting long into the time of day

Differences in life style
Presenting different events
Their problems ain’t similair to ours
Differs in so many ways
They are happy, without worry
Probably unlocked, discovered
The secrets of life

Purpose in their lives are simple
Animals, acting like animals
Humans, something else entirely
Gifts sent from above
Unwrapped, left ignored
Chasing unimportant valves
Unnecessary weights being added
Already heavy with burden

Life, bonds every living thing
Connected with the energy
Flowing, filling the air around us
Life, like a roller coaster ride
Sometimes up, sometimes down
Bad moments shall past
Good moments also goed
Endure the current situations
For once it has gone
It shall never be repeated.

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