My Adoring Moon

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 19th of April 2016

Above the world
High into the sky
Sits proudly, glowing
Beautiful and majestic
Unique, irreplaceable
Only one of its kind
My adoring, protective moon

I remembered the nights
When I was sad and lonely
You appeared behind the clouds
Glowing strongly through
Letting me know
I was no longer alone

I remembered the nights
When the world was confusing
I was scared, petrified
Afraid with the events
Surrounding my life
There you were
With your comforting glow
Letting me know
Everything will be alright

I shall never forget
How I was comforted
Assured by your presence
Despite how badly everything seems
I know the moment shall passed
Embracing the storms
There’s always a rainbow afterwards

After years and years
I still find myself lost
Everytime I look into the moonlight
Like being enchanted
Under a beautiful spell
Feeling safe, comforted
Beautiful in knowing
Protected by the divine.


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