Before & After

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 21st of April 2016

Internet age
Online world of make believe
An escaped from reality
Pretending being anyone else
Anyone other than me

Life, fantasy world
Daydreams with words
Imaginations unchecked
Hatred of myself
Consumed me wholly
Buried deeply
Through many layers of masks

Forgetting myself
In the world of online
I lost that person
Somewhere along the way
Erasing my own existence
Rejecting fully
Denying my own acknowledgement

Decade long of resentments
Path of self destruction
Venturing onto a different path
Digging; what’s buried
Relearning, what’s forgotten
Feelings and emotions
Left, ignored through neglect

Accepted myself
Shadows, can’t be outrun
Follows me wherever I go
Embraced myself truly
Without pretending
Nor lying to myself
Mistakes in life
Doesn’t define me
It’s my actions
Afterwards which counts.

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