Once In A Lifetime

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Opportunities come but once
Risk, certainly is high
Chances taken and grabbed
Once in a lifetime
Knocking at the door

Like a shooting star
Lasting for only an instance
Appearing suddenly, gone the next
Moment to seize the opportunities
Letting it slipped on by

Lasting for the briefest moments
Hesitations are costly
Doubts and fears
Results in a life time
Filled with terrible regrets
One day, far into the future
Asking ourselves whys and ifs

Life is too short
Worring unnecessary
Important turns unimportant
Goals, aims, being misguided
Being true to self, never wrong

Like the shooting stars
All eyes and attention
Focused on the star of show
Shining beauitful, filling the sky
Centre stage, leading character
Knowing in my heart
This is my moment.

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