Remember When

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 27th of April 2016

I remembered a time
When things became hard
I switched myself off
Closed the doors
Thrown away the keys
Hardening my heart
Denying entry
Into the deepest part of me

I remembered a time
When I pretended to be
Anyone other than me
Hated the person I was
Masking my feelings
An pretentious smile
Covering the pain
The hurt I felt inside

Those days have passed
By the grace of kindness
Tenderness from strangers
Non judgemental
Leaning me their shoulders
Unloading the weight
Burdens which I had
Carried on my own

Learnt how to expressed
Emotions hidden within
Through poetry
All things are made possible
Healing from inside
Radiating brightly
For all to see.


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