Seasons Of Yesteryears

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 28th of April 2016

Seasons come
Seasons goes
Bringing warmth
Bringing chills
Staying for a moment
Gone the next

Uniqueness seen and felt
Differences of the seasons
With eyes close tightly shut
Knowing it’s summer
By the warmth from the sun
Birds happily chirping
As the morning sun arises

Winter is felt keenly
White mist with every breath
Icy cold, covering the sky
Darker days, longer nights
Snuggling against each other
In comfort and for heat

Autumn is misunderstood
As the leaves fall down
Leaving trees bare
Painting streets brown
Associated with death and decay
Unknown is the true fact
Mother nature’s teachings

Spring cannot be
If Autumn doesn’t appear
Preparations for new life
First, the past must go
Stepping aside when time is done
Vicious circle being witnessed
Proving beyond reasonable doubt
Nothing last forever

Sometimes, with an blink of the eyes
Everything seems to vanished
Time, changes all things
Looking back, it seems so fast
Where has everything gone to?
New families have begun
Age, kinder to some than others
Reflection from the mirror
A stranger stares back.


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