Mightier Than The Sword

Mightier Than The Sword

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 1st of June 2016

Responsibilities inescapable
Power of words; beyond measures
Mightier than a sword
Influencing hearts and minds
Dangerous outcomes; used incorrectly

Being unaware, ignorant
Can’t be held accountable
When negativity comes into play
The words written by poets
Causes harmful side effects
Towards others; our readerships

Intentions, originally own purposes
In healing, a way of released
Proceed with extra caution
Some, hold onto our words
Having nothing else in life
Looking at us for guidance
Unfair; sometimes being that way
We are their inspiration and hope

The pen is mightier than the sword
Healing, knowing ourselves
Also healing those around us
Such a beautiful gift we have
Touching lives, being in a position
Helping others than our own.


Remember Limitations

Remember Limitations

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Strength and weaknesses
Reminded oftenly
Otherwise easily caught up
In moments; which includes
Emotions and feelings running wild

Consecutive accomplishments
Sometimes be misleading
Becoming full of grand illusion
Self praised; filling empty head
Sliding off the path, unnoticed
Losing everything; before realising

Humble; almost impossible
Whilst fake praises by fake people
Penetrating better judgements
Believing the words of others
Devastating results; price too high
Losing everything irreplaceable
True friendships; pure intentions
Gone, replaced by false gremlins.

Chasing What Matters Most

Chasing What Matters Most

Written By Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Within sight
Goals; only a little further
Dreams not that far away
Close enough to taste
Even to feel; possible reality

There was a time
Before the first step taken
Doubts plagued consistently
Causing fear of failures
Reasons enough; to not try
Excuses came like the flood

Scary; that first step
Into the unknown and beyond
Didn’t know what to expect
Leap of faith; another meaning
Despite all the fears and doubts
Crushing those feelings down
First step towards the future; begun

Even in my wildest dreams
Never dreamt I’d get so far
The accomplishments which resulted
Pure joy; happiness with every step
Like living inside a dream that’s real
Although problems occasionally appears
I have an entire life worth,
Of experiences of hardships and struggles.

Listening As Eternity Goes By

Listening As Eternity Goes By

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Emptiness vibrating
Eternity passes by
Forever; slowly drifting
Constant as the flows to nowhere

Straining, listening
Concentration; for any sounds
Middle of nowhere; fearful
Desperately searching
Making sense of reality

Contained within a vortex
Dimension where nothing exist
Afraid; forgetting sounds
Structures an illusion
Transforming; into the surroundings

Eternity passing by
Everyday occurrences ceased
Petrified of being swallowed
Vanishing from sight; being discovered
Stuck, while everything hides

Stillness, eerily silence
Fills the empty spaces
Hopefully eternity quickly goes by
Maybe it shall last for a while
Perhaps a permanent change

Eternity, sounds strangely
Like death; eternal rest
Scared by the sudden revelation
Is it even possible without knowing?
Floating through nothingness
Emptiness; only waiting, hopeful
Unknown, unaware, clueless
As eternity passes by.

Depression & Despair In Check

Depression & Despair In Check

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Depression & despair
Endless cycle in darkness
Smothered, suffocating utterly
Self torture; unworthy to feel
Sadness that makes the soul cry

Uselessness, a common theme
Self hatred another scene
Unable to find reasons to stand
Lower than dirt, comfortable like home
Shame and guilt; in every thought
Movements weighed down by numbness

Depression & despair
Always lingering, waiting
Hovering in the air, patiently
Moments of weaknesses to attack
Unable to afford, letting gaurds down
Lurking in the shadows for a chance

Smashing depression aside
Pushing uselessness away
Throwing despair in the ocean
Refusing to be overwhelmed again
Denying permission for sunlight
Never again will I be ruled
By the agents of gloom

Positive thoughts rushes in
Reminding of beautiful things
Reasons to continue fighting
Purposes, goals which are set
Importance of not giving up
The feelings, never again to feel
Surrendering, not an option
Smashing through depression
No longer controlling my thoughts
Love conquers everything.

Observing With Older Eyes

Observing With Older Eyes 

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 30th of May 2016

Life’s journey
Reflection; an honour deserved
Passed all challenges and trials
Completion rate; flawless
Experiences; learnt along the way
Self discovery after years of rejection

Youthful years
In comparison with current age
Differences are plenty
Also not much at the same time
Patience and tolerance levels
Advanced beyond belief

Looking back,
With the struggles of life
There were times I thought
I couldn’t handle it anymore
Laughing at my past self
In the luxury of foresight

Everything, tiny nor large
Every encounter ever faced
Gained something from it
Became stronger, even wiser
As a result from the struggles
Step by step, gradually building
Made the person I am now, possible.

Dreams Beneath The Moonlight

Dreams Beneath The Moonlight

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 30th of May 2016

Exhausted eyes
Closed against the night
Refusing permissions
Allowing anymore dramas
Influencing a place of dreams

Moonlight glows beautifully
Shinning down magical powers
Easing daytime worries
Weights lifted; troubles ceased
Moonlight touches tenderly
Uninterrupted dreams ensured

Protectively; being on guard
Like a shield of light
Denying negative forces entry
Undisturbed, by harmful effects
Guardian; watcher of the soul
Sleeping the night away
Daring to dream, as dreams allow.

Slideshow Of Reality

Slideshow Of Reality

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 30th of May 2016

Pictures of life
Flashes, right before me
Fragments captured
Images; memories created
Reality, of things that were

Observing, viewing photographs
Family affairs; beautiful occasions
Presence absent, unnoticed by all
Unwanted feelings, left out
Forgotten as the years gone by

Spectator; in life that’s your own
Outsider, looking through the windows
Stranger; invading private affairs
Reluctantly tolerating outside forces
Distances far apart, only fragments
Only status, no feelings remains.

Colours Of Beautiful Faces

Colours Of Beautiful Faces

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 30th of May 2016

You and I
Came from different cultures
Worlds apart by definition
Accepting, supporting, believing
Regardless the colours of our skin

Heritages, ancestors
Different upbringings
You and I
Travelled through life
On a similar path

Colours, matters not
Love is the glue
Which held us together
Understanding is the key
Which unlocks the fears
Compassion and kindness
Resides in all our hearts
Waiting for an opportunity
To present itself to the world

Colours of our skin, matters not
Doesn’t make us immune
To certain types of suffering
It doesn’t protect us
From the darkness upon the world
Reaching out without restrictions
With an opened mind and heart
Changes, beautiful changes; shall happen

As The Light Goes Out

As The Light Goes Out

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 27th of May 2016

Weary, exhausted
Eyelids heavy, tired
Stressful, stretched out day
Desperately wanting
Resting thoughts for a night
Tomorrow is another battle

Night, quiet and calm
Thoughts drifting, wandering
Wondering about everyone
If they are alright and well
Before sleep finally arrives
Thinking till thoughts are dreams

Questioning, as always
Afraid, full of doubts
As the light goes out
Resting insecurities,
Only for a moment
Before the sunrises again
Confidence fully restored
Fears assured by the morning light.