Spiritual Awakening

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Aimlessly I once wandered
Around in circles repeatedly
Purposes unknown
Destination unclear
Life, senseless and dull

Questions I asked myself
Questions I couldn’t answer
Driven nearly to insanity
Perhaps being lost
In order to be found

Worldly possessions are gone
Striving towards the unknown
Stumbling within darkness
Realisation came to be
By losing everything
I’ve ever known

I’ve searched everywhere
Trying to find sense
When it doesn’t want to be found
Overthinking situations
When trusting my heart
Is all I ever needed

Finally a moment came
When my eyes opened
Seeing whats needed to be seen
Thinking whats needed to be thought
Perusing what needed perused
When I’ve realised
Myself above all.

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