Driven By Fear

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 6th of May 2016

Fear is my greatest motivator
Fear gives me strength
The will and determination
To carry on through impossible odds
Making sure my fears
Doesn’t become my reality

Fear of being forgotten
Makes my voice louder than before
Screaming each moment
Of my very own existence
Making sure I am heard
Never to be forgotten again

Fears of death
Makes me appreciate life 
Giving everything I have
To ensure I leave something positive
Behind when my time is over
Becoming the best of me

Fear is a dangerous emotion
Conquering my own fears
Doesn’t mean I am brave
Doesn’t mean I am courageous
Letting my fears becoming reality
Is my greatest fears of all
In being powerless to protect
The ones I loved the most

My desires outweighs my fears
In order to overcome
The senses of overpowering feelings
I asked myself questions
Putting myself, imagining myself
Living in my nightmares
Making sure, as long as there’s breath
I will never let it be reality.

One thought on “Driven By Fear

  1. having a little of fear is a good thing, because if you’re fearless, than, you’re more than likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors, but having too much is not good for you, so you must find a balance between being completely fearless and being totally freaked out…

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