Grandest Cosmic Game

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Imaginations knows no boundaries
Endless are the opportunities
Presented without limitations
Unlocking fullest potentials
Walls unable to stand in the way

Everlasting life, immortality
I believe we all possessed
Like a cosmic game that never ends
As little childrens invent games
Keeping boredom at bay

Somewhere along our immortal life
We turned to each other and say
Let’s play the greatest game of all
Starting a life we currently know
Living in the game we’ve created

Lets be mortals we say
Borne without any memories
Forgetting our immortal life style
Learning everything once again
Lets see if we are able to remember
To awaken on our own

Of course there will be hints
Lets see if we are able to recognise
When we meet without memories
Stipulations of strangers were added
In helping us along the way
Lets see if we are able to access
Tuning into our inner powers
Without the help of our immortality.

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