Inbetween Always

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 12th of May 2016

Always found myself
Stuck in the middle
Throughout my life
Never finding my place
In society nor anywhere

Reasons and excuses
Excluded me in everything
Either being over qualified
Unworthy of my desires
Wishes left for dreams

Finding myself in the middle
Fans and supporters plenty
Friendships I’ve lacked
Love and hate I received
Though nothing inbetween

Royal treatment or gutter trash
Shown towards me daily
Inbetween, non existent
Either labelled genius or insane
Smart and clever
Or dumb and stupid
Always in the middle
Neither belonging here nor there
Boring life or too extreme
Small measures inconceivable
Its all or nothing
Never inbetween.


2 thoughts on “Inbetween Always

  1. I used to think in that mode of either/or, but, as i had my experiences in life, i’d learned (yes, the HARD way, as usual!!!), that sometimes, there’s NO clear cut boundaries between black and white that it’s all, shades of gray…

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