Dear Self,

This moment in time, you actually feel normal. Being apart of something greater than yourself.

Watching another person fulfilling their dreams. Taking steps to better their lives. It’s a joy being part of that. Just supporting unconditionally, just feels good.

Many years, has been wasted. It seems that life stood still. No matter you’ve tried. Nothing seemed to change. Gradually you’ve stopped caring nor trying in anything.

In a way, patience turned against you. All the times, waiting around, hoping for something to happen, a change. It has made you forget about trying. It has made forgotten the most important rule you’ve set for yourself. Don’t wait for anything. The world doesn’t owe you nothing. You own the world everything.

Time has dulled your senses. Time has made you a person of waiting. Not a person of action. It has taken a long time for the spell to be broken. It’s time to do what your supposed to do. To live life again.

Your inner voice

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