Heroic Endings

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 18th of May 2016

Wisdoms portrayed in life
Is beyond compare
Death of historic figures
Is still talked about today
Their struggles through life
Written down in history books

Julius, greatest Roman ever lived
Accomplished many things
Won, conquered vast land
His power were so great
It destroyed the Republic

Julius, betrayed by his most trusted
A person he calls his best friend
Forgiven him once before
Assassinated on that fateful day
Idle of March by the Senate
Who cared nothing for the Republic
Only their own positions of power

Octavius, his nephew, his heir
Became the first Emperor
After overcoming the oppositions
Continuing Julius line
Killing Julius true son in the process

Alexander The King from Macedonia
One of the greatest commanders
Magnificent tactician of war
Lead his army across the land
Accomplished legendary feats
At such a young age
In the end, leaving no heir
Poisoned by one of his trusted men

If Julius didn’t die the way he did
His ending may not be remembered
Assassinated by the senate
Comparing, falling of his horse
If Alexander wasn’t poisoned
I wonder what kind of ending
Would be worthy of such a man
History is made from outstanding
Innovative people, who dreams
Their deaths are equally appealing.

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