Faces Of The Sky

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 20th of May 2016

Day and night
Together as a team
Taking turns watching
Everything underneath
A world everybody shares

Sunlight, magical touches
Maintains life with its warmth
Energy, resources made possible
For growth to continue
Prosperity ensured

Darkness of night
Reminder for everyone
Time to rest and sleep
Pushing problems and worries
Out of thoughts and mind
Its time to relax and rest
Emptying all thoughts for awhile

Many different faces
The sky has presented
Everytime I’ve taken
A break from my life
Remembering to slow down
Enjoy the smells of flowers
When I finally looked upon the sky
I always see a different face

Maybe my memories are mistaken
Perhaps it’s been too long
Fantasy replaced reality
Imagining faded images
When time was in abundance
Having all the time in the world
Before life became too busy
When I lay on my back
Looking into the sky
Being lost for hours in amazement.

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