Oceans Of Dreams

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 20th of May 2016

Surface, endless waves
Sparkling as sunlight touches
Reflecting far and wide
Glittering as moonlight reaches
As if millions of diamonds
Dancing with silent music of night

Youthful years, careless times
An ocean where dreams were made
Bottomless, endless possibilities
Unable to measure it’s depths
Dreams, happiness wrapped tenderly
Carefully with ignorance blissed
A whole life waiting up ahead

Older years, mature times
Slowly, yet unfortunately
Bottomless of the ocean’s floor
Gradually begun filled with junk
Broken, shattered fragments
Once belonging to dreams long gone
Countless dreams destroyed one by one

Lessons learnt, experiences gained
Perceptions changed dramatically
From youthful years to maturity days
Darken thoughts rolling along the waves
Bright ideas, sinking beneath the surfaces
Until bottomless filled completely
As broken fragments serves as dirt
In a cemetery made of shattered dreams.

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