By The Moonlight

Written by Tan Nguyen
Friday 20th of May 2016

Standing in the darkness
Chilly breeze drifting by
Goosebumps appears
Shivering as the night carries on
Silence, faint whispers echoes
Against the fading lights of day

Light glows from above
Moonlights shining down
Casting shadows upon the world
Lighting up what’s hidden in the dark
Revealing lies hidden in truths
Truths mistaken for lies, corrected
Moon, waving it’s magical wand
Showing things for what they are

Majestic as the beautiful moon
Above the world so high and proud
Alone, unique, irreplaceable
Imitations doesn’t even come close
Replicating that beautiful glow
Calming, peaceful feelings
Communicating in a language
Only my soul is able to understand

By the moon I shall stand
Under the moonlights vows made
Standing under the stars as witnesses
As the universe plays its part
Unblemished, to perfection
Unbreakable bond, unshakeable faith
By the moon I shall stand
For all the times to come.

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