Daydreams Are Made From These

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 21st of May 2016

Isn’t it ironic
Someone you would’ve died for
Being their armour, protector
Someone you couldn’t live without
Always in your thoughts
With every breath you take
Suddenly becomes irrelevant
Uncaring whether they’re still around
Unimportant, if another meeting
Doesn’t take place again

Morning erupts with sing songs
Lights extending its reaches
Sleepy, rubbing tired eyes
Laying still, listening carefully
As morning melodies of familiar times
Flashbacks, teleporting to memory lane
Back to basics, start all over again

Daydreams, pleasant as can be
Lovely imagery presented
Through visions made from wishes
Beautiful smiles appears
Infectious, softening harden hearts
Melting away icy parts
Feeling warmth returning to the soul.


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