Little Rabbit Out In The Field

Written by Tan Nguyen
Saturday 21st of May 2016

Curious little rabbit takes a peek
Secret place hidden amongst grass
Able to peek without being seen
Searching, observing the fields 
Dangers that may be in wait

Grass swaying with the wind
Sun, shining bright as always
High above the world, just as proud
Clouds a few, forming comical images
Beautiful weather, perfect conditions
Neither is it too hot nor too cold
Curiosity has won this day

Sense of adventures
Overwhelming common sense
Little rabbit thrown caution away
Opportunity too great to let it go
Dashing across towards the fields
Every moment is like a dream
Playing games, just as little rabbits do
Hopping to and fro, sniffing the air
Eating delicious new exotic food
Happily being a rabbit and nothing more.

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