Playful Dolphins

Written by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 22nd of May 2016

Happily swimming
Unrestricted movements
Free, absolute freedom
No limitations nor boundaries
Wide opened seas as a playground

Breaking the ocean’s surface
Flying for a moment in the air
Feeling an element of another world
Warmth of the sun felt briefly
A world without living in the ocean
Two worlds intermingle for a moment

Ripples, waves caused by ships
Curiosity, intrigued of the cause
Swimming towards the source
What a strange creature it sees
Carrying others on its back
Wanting to communicate, interesting lot
Breaking the surface, swimming alongside
Trying to have a clearly view
Trying to get their attention
Establishing any type of communication

An uncommon occurrence
Breaking the spell of normal life
Swimming around in pods
Travelling together for safety reasons
Protecting each other from harm
Many dangers, lay waiting in the open seas.

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