Flights Of Envy

Written by Tan Nguyen
Monday 23rd of May 2016

Mighty flaps
Lifting birds of the ground
Into the sky they soar
Left with jealousy
Envy filling my heart

Birds, fascinating creatures
I wonder if they knew
How fortunate it is
Being able to take flight
Anytime they felt like it
Leaving whenever they want
Flying in the sky
Without a care in the world

Birds, many different birds
Watching them soar high above
Flying, playing, doing tricks
Feelings must be incredible
Being free without restrictions

Flights into blue, beautiful sky
Touching fluffy clouds
Such an amazing view it must be
Watching the world rushes by
From such great heights
Higher than mountains
Breathtaking scenery
Seeing the world as clearly as they
Birds are gifted,
Blessed beyond measures.


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