The Little Ugly Caterpillar

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Sad little caterpillar
Crawling around aimlessly
Always on alert
Afraid of being eaten
Ugly little creature
Alone in a scary world

Searching for companionships
Looking for friendship
All the other creatures
Having no time of day
Slowly crawling to places
Unable to keep the pace
Normally being left behind
Forgotten of its existence

Wanting to belong
Amongst any other creatures
Than being alone
In such a scary world
Poor little caterpillar
Misunderstood by all the others
Ugly little thing
Slow, unable to keep up with the others
Eventually surrendering
Withdrawing from the world

Building a place to escape
Hungry from working hard
Eating until it can’t eat no more
Laying down to rest
Covering itself from the world
Unexpected to ever see it again
Eye closes, probably for the last time

Time passes by
Eye opens once more
Something feels different
Something has changed
Breaking out of the barricade
Transformation while asleep
No longer an little ugly creature
A beautiful, magical butterfly
Has emerged into the world.

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