Dog’s Loyalty Beyond Duty

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Dogs are more than pets
They’re part of the family
Protective they are
Loyalty never waivers
For as long as they lived

Smart very cunning
Knowing if someone is sad
Showing affection
Sitting beside, for company
Letting you know your not alone
Gestures as these are priceless

Languages are never a problem
They seemed to always listen
Tilting their head to one side
Like they understand
Playful by nature
Serious when its called upon
Labelled as man’s best friend
It ain’t difficult to see why

Dogs are more than animals
Betrayal isn’t in their nature
A simple life it appears
Yet their roles are many
Important part of our lives
Ending up depending on them
As they also depend on us
Almost impossible to find
Another which shows such dedication.

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