Jungle; secrets forgotten

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Wild; untamed
Dangerous; treacherous
Deeper, further within
Dense, wild with growth
Rare sights,
Unseen by human eyes
Centuries ago

Darker, further inside
Giant trees blocking the sun
High as moutains
Intimidating, so large
Strange sounds echoes
Somewhere further down
Hesitation moving forward

Exploring the jungles
Many centuries has passed
Humans hasn’t ventured
Deep within the jungle
An adventure forgotten
When humans once lived
Close to nature; also in harmony
At peace, in sync with mother nature

Secrets left forgotten
Of times in ancient past
When humans and nature
Were one and the same
Left behind, still waiting
Connections and bonds
So powerfully forged
Between nature and humans
Able to hear voices of the wind
Whispers of the trees
An art forgotten long ago

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