Stronger For What Reasons

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Strength and courage
Always praying, wishing
Being stronger to protect
Serving as an armour, deflect
Shielding against any harm
Aiming, targeting what matters

Courage, desperately needed
Margin for error, none
Nightmares, greatest fears
Failure, when the time comes
Lacking courage, facing fear
Lacking strength, being weak
Unable to guard nor protect
Most important asset of all

Time spent on getting stronger
Sparing none on the purpose
Time spent searching for courage
Having none on the reason
Pushing aside purpose and reasons
Focusing on the wrong target

Along the way, reasons and purposes
Lost, gone, nothing remains
Neglecting all that’s important
Quest for strength and courage
Main objective was to protect
Keeping them from harms way
Being their shield and armour

Life, doesn’t always turns out
The way things are planned
Karma turns around and play
Becoming the very things you’ve dread
Being the one who harms them
Being the one who hurts them
Instead of being the hero
The fear, they see, is you.

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