Surrounded By Loneliness

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Capabilities many
Opposites attracts
Effects unpredictable
Healing, remedy for darkness
Destroying; handled wrongly

Complicated matters
Difficult solutions
Arguments erupting, exploding
Between heart and mind
Results; conflicting, perhaps lost

Loneliness seems impossible
Surrounded by others
Crowded with people, yet lonely
Strangers far and wide
Like water across the ocean

Strange, unexplainable
Emptiness; unable to fill
Ignored, pushed deeply back
Lurking; always lingering around
Inescapable feelings of gloom
Threateningly, being consumed

Sinking, drowning in sorrow
Remedy; without identifying
Guessing, wild speculations 
Hope for the best, blindly choosing
Maybe depression returned
Perhap despair never left
Unable to shake this heavy weight.

4 thoughts on “Surrounded By Loneliness

      1. Well maybe, that, is just what you need more work on, finding out why being alone on your own drives you mad, and after you’d figured that out, you will find, that being all alone on your own is quite enjoyable.

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