Depression & Despair In Check

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Depression & despair
Endless cycle in darkness
Smothered, suffocating utterly
Self torture; unworthy to feel
Sadness that makes the soul cry

Uselessness, a common theme
Self hatred another scene
Unable to find reasons to stand
Lower than dirt, comfortable like home
Shame and guilt; in every thought
Movements weighed down by numbness

Depression & despair
Always lingering, waiting
Hovering in the air, patiently
Moments of weaknesses to attack
Unable to afford, letting gaurds down
Lurking in the shadows for a chance

Smashing depression aside
Pushing uselessness away
Throwing despair in the ocean
Refusing to be overwhelmed again
Denying permission for sunlight
Never again will I be ruled
By the agents of gloom

Positive thoughts rushes in
Reminding of beautiful things
Reasons to continue fighting
Purposes, goals which are set
Importance of not giving up
The feelings, never again to feel
Surrendering, not an option
Smashing through depression
No longer controlling my thoughts
Love conquers everything.


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