Listening As Eternity Goes By

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Emptiness vibrating
Eternity passes by
Forever; slowly drifting
Constant as the flows to nowhere

Straining, listening
Concentration; for any sounds
Middle of nowhere; fearful
Desperately searching
Making sense of reality

Contained within a vortex
Dimension where nothing exist
Afraid; forgetting sounds
Structures an illusion
Transforming; into the surroundings

Eternity passing by
Everyday occurrences ceased
Petrified of being swallowed
Vanishing from sight; being discovered
Stuck, while everything hides

Stillness, eerily silence
Fills the empty spaces
Hopefully eternity quickly goes by
Maybe it shall last for a while
Perhaps a permanent change

Eternity, sounds strangely
Like death; eternal rest
Scared by the sudden revelation
Is it even possible without knowing?
Floating through nothingness
Emptiness; only waiting, hopeful
Unknown, unaware, clueless
As eternity passes by.

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