Chasing What Matters Most

Written By Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 31st of May 2016

Within sight
Goals; only a little further
Dreams not that far away
Close enough to taste
Even to feel; possible reality

There was a time
Before the first step taken
Doubts plagued consistently
Causing fear of failures
Reasons enough; to not try
Excuses came like the flood

Scary; that first step
Into the unknown and beyond
Didn’t know what to expect
Leap of faith; another meaning
Despite all the fears and doubts
Crushing those feelings down
First step towards the future; begun

Even in my wildest dreams
Never dreamt I’d get so far
The accomplishments which resulted
Pure joy; happiness with every step
Like living inside a dream that’s real
Although problems occasionally appears
I have an entire life worth,
Of experiences of hardships and struggles.


4 thoughts on “Chasing What Matters Most

  1. It’s never easy, when facing these life-changing choices you’re about to make, and, you just have to trust, that life will take care of you, leaving it, up to fate…


      1. You shouldn’t worry in excess, it’s going to stress you out, besides, fate has your life lain out already, and all you have to do is just, follow the road, and go where it leads you…

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