Lullaby Of Night In Harmony

Lullaby Of Night In Harmony

Written Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Sun settling down
Day, almost over
Lights fading, disappearing
Signalling nights arrival
Slowly, beyond the horizon
Sun, taking lights along
Resting; calling it a day

Lullaby sang by night
Pleasant sounding music
Contributions from many sources
Surprises just begun
Nocturnal creatures
Sounds mingling together
Creating masterpiece

Blinking, flashing
Lighting the backdrops
Like a night club in full swing
Sounds intermingling beautifully
Lullaby, such harmony
Peaceful, calm, finally accepted.


Stronger For What Reasons

Stronger For What Reasons

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Strength and courage
Always praying, wishing
Being stronger to protect
Serving as an armour, deflect
Shielding against any harm
Aiming, targeting what matters

Courage, desperately needed
Margin for error, none
Nightmares, greatest fears
Failure, when the time comes
Lacking courage, facing fear
Lacking strength, being weak
Unable to guard nor protect
Most important asset of all

Time spent on getting stronger
Sparing none on the purpose
Time spent searching for courage
Having none on the reason
Pushing aside purpose and reasons
Focusing on the wrong target

Along the way, reasons and purposes
Lost, gone, nothing remains
Neglecting all that’s important
Quest for strength and courage
Main objective was to protect
Keeping them from harms way
Being their shield and armour

Life, doesn’t always turns out
The way things are planned
Karma turns around and play
Becoming the very things you’ve dread
Being the one who harms them
Being the one who hurts them
Instead of being the hero
The fear, they see, is you.

Surrounded By Loneliness

Surrounded By Loneliness

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Capabilities many
Opposites attracts
Effects unpredictable
Healing, remedy for darkness
Destroying; handled wrongly

Complicated matters
Difficult solutions
Arguments erupting, exploding
Between heart and mind
Results; conflicting, perhaps lost

Loneliness seems impossible
Surrounded by others
Crowded with people, yet lonely
Strangers far and wide
Like water across the ocean

Strange, unexplainable
Emptiness; unable to fill
Ignored, pushed deeply back
Lurking; always lingering around
Inescapable feelings of gloom
Threateningly, being consumed

Sinking, drowning in sorrow
Remedy; without identifying
Guessing, wild speculations 
Hope for the best, blindly choosing
Maybe depression returned
Perhap despair never left
Unable to shake this heavy weight.

Life; before discovery of poetry

Life; before discovery of poetry

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Life, utter disarray
Expectations engulfing
Slowly, little by little
Piece by piece; falling apart
Situations worsened
Despite countless attempts

Feelings, emotions
Within, secrets never revealed
Taught as a child,
Showing is weakness; not allowed
Forbidden, especially being a man

Learnt through many years
Pretending, everything is alright
Within; tremendous pain
Mask, a face of a strong man
Inside; tearing, ripping to shreds
Heart and soul, torned apart

Tears; shameful to display
Falling only at night
Alone, everyone sound asleep
Silently flowing down
Trails of wet lines hitting the floor
Making sure no one is around.

Only Time Can See

Only Time Can See

Written by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 26th of May 2016

Future waits ahead
Past, left behind
Time; lessens, fades
Only through time
Reveals hidden secrets

Pondering, like a dream
Perfume of blossoming summer
Magical, magnificent visions
Allowing hope to breathe
Igniting life, living once more

Remainder of time; unknown
Unimportant, useless to know
Unable, unstoppable, inevitable
Only a matter of when
In time, everything will be known
Patience, reward of understanding.

Fragrance Of Chaos

Fragrance Of Chaos

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Winds of change
Suddenly appears
Unexpectedly, taken by surprised
Fragrance, unfamiliar
Intoxicating, overwhelming
Lingering in the air

Unaware, absolutely clueless
Events forming straight ahead
Innocently watching
Angry dark clouds
Hurrying ever closer to
In a blink of an eye
Everything changed forever

Fragrance, smell of chaos
Distinctive, unforgettable perfume
Unique, strange odor
Fresh, sweet like flowers
Deceivingly inaccurate
As events unfolds
True intention, origin revealed
Fragrance belonging to destruction

Helpless, useless, hopeless
Unable to do anything
Only watch in horror
Waiting for the storm to pass
Agonyly in slow motion
As change drops everything
Hard onto its head

Patiently, waiting for an end
Even time is affected
Distorted, confused,
Inaccurate measurements
Day and night collides
Nothing is safe from change.

Jungle; secrets forgotten

Jungle; secrets forgotten

Written by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 25th of May 2016

Wild; untamed
Dangerous; treacherous
Deeper, further within
Dense, wild with growth
Rare sights,
Unseen by human eyes
Centuries ago

Darker, further inside
Giant trees blocking the sun
High as moutains
Intimidating, so large
Strange sounds echoes
Somewhere further down
Hesitation moving forward

Exploring the jungles
Many centuries has passed
Humans hasn’t ventured
Deep within the jungle
An adventure forgotten
When humans once lived
Close to nature; also in harmony
At peace, in sync with mother nature

Secrets left forgotten
Of times in ancient past
When humans and nature
Were one and the same
Left behind, still waiting
Connections and bonds
So powerfully forged
Between nature and humans
Able to hear voices of the wind
Whispers of the trees
An art forgotten long ago

Essence Of Poetry

Essence Of Poetry

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Expressions flows
Written down with a pen
Ink made from the soul
Imprinted, lasting forever
Feelings turned into words
Shared amongst,
Those with similar experiences

Through the minds
Of many beautiful souls
Expressing emotions and feelings
Through their eyes we see
Words that can be touched
Enabling better understanding
Of things being felt,
Unable to explain

Poetry written by misunderstood souls
Poetry, truly honest
Most purest of intentions
From the heart, no strings attached
Hidden agendas non existence

Each word is special
Packed with deepful meanings
An author leaves behind
A little bit of themselves
Every time a poem is written
Encouragements are often appreciated
Letting them know they ain’t alone.

Dog’s Loyalty Beyond Duty

Dog’s Loyalty Beyond Duty

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Dogs are more than pets
They’re part of the family
Protective they are
Loyalty never waivers
For as long as they lived

Smart very cunning
Knowing if someone is sad
Showing affection
Sitting beside, for company
Letting you know your not alone
Gestures as these are priceless

Languages are never a problem
They seemed to always listen
Tilting their head to one side
Like they understand
Playful by nature
Serious when its called upon
Labelled as man’s best friend
It ain’t difficult to see why

Dogs are more than animals
Betrayal isn’t in their nature
A simple life it appears
Yet their roles are many
Important part of our lives
Ending up depending on them
As they also depend on us
Almost impossible to find
Another which shows such dedication.

Similar Creatures

Similar Creatures

Written by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Similar emotions
Creatures and humans
Share common feelings
Mothers caring for their youngs
In all walks of life
Unconditioned love in its purest form

Wild or tamed creatures
Shares a common bond
Walking upon the Earth
Soaring high above
Life unites us all
From the smallest insects
To the largest mammals
Life flows through each one of us

Feelings, compassion
Kindness plays its part
Working its powerful magic
Even towards the darkness of hearts
Feelings, nature’s way
Mindless beast, doesn’t exist
Lack of understanding
Is always the case.