Magical Wand

Magical wand
A flick here or there
Granting all my wishes
Desires of the heart
Only a slight movement away

Magical wand
Problems gone with ease
Tragedy a distant nightmare
Suffering, never again
Pain of sadness, gone with time
Anything I ever wanted
Within the power of the wand

Nothing is denied
What I want, I shall have
Flicking my magical wand
Ridding my displeasures
Quick and effortlessly
Everything distasteful
Gone with only a flick

Blessings or a curse
Having everything I wanted
Even if it’s bad, I shall have
No differences at all
Challenges were irritating
Disappeared fast as a flash
Trials are no more; annoying
Without boundaries nor morals
Magical wand; a blessed curse

Nothing remains
Which teaches me
No reason for strength
Nor anything else
Magical wand shall provide
No need for unnecessary discomforts
The very thing,
That makes me powerful
Is the very thing,
Which makes me weakest
Everything in life
That has made me, me
Taken away by a magical wand.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 3rd of June 2016

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