Not What It Appears

Sky; blue and bright
Sunshine, warm, beautiful day
Wonderful, fresh breeze
Birds singing sweet melody
Animals, playful by nature

Perfect; by all appearances
Happiness fills the air
Laughter, smiles on every face
Beauty, wonders of nature
Shared unselfishly for all
Without anything in returned

Perhaps easier to be tricked
Believing the illusions of sights
Living in such delusions
Wouldn’t be bad at all
Beneath the pretences
Hidden within all hearts
Truth is found, unrevealed

Evil, nasty thoughts
Kept securely inside
True intentions, hidden away
Hearts corrupted
Filled with hatred
In a world filled with dishonesty
Trust is no more

Perfect world of illusions
Maintained with lies
Selfish motives
Deceitful mindsets
Loyalty just a word
Lifetime of hurt, disappointments
Accepted as law.


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