Better Second Half

Entering first half of life
Caterpillar, ugly and slow
Crawling beneath the sky
With thoughts filled of wishes
Someday to fly into the heavens

Hunted by creatures
In the sky swooping down
On the ground, laying in wait
Suddenly, unexpectedly attacked
Every moment consists of fear
Eaten alive, somebody’s lunch

Hiding, anywhere possible
As predators closes in
Desperate pleas, wasted efforts
Echoes vibrations turns to silence
Aware of everyone’s opinions
Caterpillars life is insufficient
For the caterpillar, it meant everything

Breaking limits passed long ago
Nothing left except for death
Accepting fate when all else fails
Wrapping itself comfortably
In a cocoon, final resting place; coffin
Eyes closed, resigning to life

Little did the caterpillar knew
It’s prayers has been answered
Someone has been listening all this time
Second half of life is about to begin
Always been near, always will
Watching the struggles, heavy hearts
Rite of passage must be taken
Rewards for those that endures till the end.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 3rd of June 2016


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