Life Involves Everyone

Intrigued, amazed by life
Unexplainable events unfolds
Explanations unattainable
Reasons unknown yet welcomed
Life has infinite things to see

Universe is mysterious
Many undiscovered secrets
Waiting to be unlocked
Sometimes my mind goes insane
Thinking of the world at large
Can’t even comprehend a fragment
The universe has to offer

Dimensions within countless others
Uncountable amounts of stars
Time itself doesn’t exist
Perhaps the future as we know
Doesn’t even belong to us
Sometimes knowing the answers
On subjects never heard nor studied

Truly amazing, mind boggling
Sitting back for a moment
History has been written by victors
Truth is only based on perceptions
Lies may be true, fantasy even real
Easy to call others insane or crazy
Remember not long ago
People who thought the world was round
Were ridiculed in such manners.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 3rd of June 2016

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