Dare To Excel

Dreams of being
Someone who faces
Extremely difficult situations
Rising above challenges
Through the flames of changes
Becoming a person with dreams

Darings, rewards for the brave
Following heart’s desires
Obstacles overcame
By sheer determination and drive
Ignoring unbelievers along the way
Like a barricade keeping dreams alive

Oppositions in every corner
Solutions with every problems
Hardships combined with struggles
Eliminating weaknesses and ignorance
Strengthening minds, body and soul
Enabling progress of life so precious.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Sunday 5th of June 2016

One thought on “Dare To Excel

  1. I like the circular pattern of the first verse

    ‘Dreams of being … a person with dreams’

    Has the dream come true or is it further away than ever? The ambiguity is interesting.


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