Thank You Hardships

Thank you suffering
For coming into my existence
Before you came into my life
I was an innocent, naive child
Believing in fairy tales
Dreaming of happily ever after

Thank you hardships
For entering my domain
Changing my childhood innocence
Into mistrustful, dubious thoughts
Taking away my purity with deceptions
With every lie, another part is taken

Challenges and trials
Entering like an unwanted visitor
Making sure all beliefs of fairy tales
Left without any kind of doubts
Every droplets of tears,
Another lie being found out

I must say thanks
If my world wasn’t shattered to pieces
I’d still be living in a fairy tale
Still waiting for happily ever after
Harsh, inconceivable it may appear
Believe it or not,
It has made me stronger than before.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Tuesday 7th of June 2016


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