Pushing Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries; limitations measured
Obstacles created by self
Beyond the distances unseen
Mindsets contained within its walls
Like being chained, locked down

Aiming for the clouds
Unable reaching further beyond
Limitations being only the sky
Boundaries; unable to extend
Further progress from that point

Universe holds infinite realities
Depends on self to comprehend
The vastness, fabric of space and time
If knowledge; isn’t aware
How can something even exist at all.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Wednesday 8th of June 2016


One thought on “Pushing Beyond Boundaries

  1. Sounds like you’re struggling to break through, and, it won’t be easy, you’ll feel like you’re totally tied up and bound, but, just relax a bit, and don’t struggle as hard, let everything fall, into its rightful places, and know, that you’ll be fine no matter what…


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