Coming Of Night

Day has gone
Replaced by night
Chilly; gently breeze
Warmth fading away
Sitting atop of the world
Moon and stars; together they rule

Sounds of the world
Gradually quietens
As one by one calling it night
Time for slumber has arrived
Resting those tired eyes
Sleep; unable to resist anymore

Deeper into the night
Wild animals out to play
Small creatures, calling out
Sounds of nature’s lullaby
Fills the Moonlight of night
Melody drifting; carried by the wind
Travelling further by quietness

Alone, at last; own thoughts
Letting the smile finally rest
No one around to assure
That everything is alright
Everyone that matters, finally asleep
Time for my mind to wander
Letting my guard down a little
Focusing on myself
Instead of proving, making everyone
Believing I am alright

Darkness of night
Like a protector
Hiding under its covers
Thoughts, coming like a flood
Without the distractions
Of making everyone believe my smile
As my eyes searches the night sky
Looking deeply into darken night

Looking, yet unseeing
Eyes unfocused, untrained
Attention elsewhere; which is dark
Stars and Moon; starlights, moonlight
Never entered such a place
A world of night where they don’t rule
Some battleground, ongoing war
Between many forces, different sides
Inner demons, destructive nature
Raging, struggles of only self.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Thursday 9th of June 2016


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