First Time

Remembered as if it were yesterday
Nervously walked towards
The direction where you were
Palms all sweaty
Heart beating against my chest
If it could escaped, no doubt it would

Shy; no one believes
Only my poker face
Perfected through the years
Keeping my true feelings hidden
In the faces of reality
Calm on the surface
Beneath, like a volcano waiting to erupt

When all is said and done
I’m truly really shy
Masked by confidence, I do not feel
Displaying strength, I do no possessed
That self assured performance
Is a way to keep my weaknesses hidden

Importance of that encounter
Life changing to say the least
Everything in my world
Wouldn’t be the same, to say the most
An encounter which came perfectly
A time when I needed it the most
Helping me during the storm
That was headed towards
My direction suddenly and furiously.

Copyright by Tan Nguyen
Friday 10th of June 2016

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